Web Development

We build custom made applications with modern technology. DotInk is specialised in connecting multiple systems together such as accounting-, inventory- and delivery software, to give your customers the best experience they can get, while your company is at its most effective.

Reaktie Safety Shops

2022 Reaktie

We focus on coding!
Ultimate flexibility
Reaktie Safety Shops Mockup

Dutch Bull Campers

In Development

We're currently developing the new shop for Dutch Bull Campers.

Ultimate flexibility
Dutch Bull Campers

Caravan Parking Metselaar

2013 Metselaar

The local caravan parking Metselaar is a well known location in West-Friesland. We've build their website including reservation modules since 2013.

Caravanstalling Metselaar


2019 Jucundum

DanielDeer grew out from a small hobby project, to a full grown e-commerce shop in the beginning of the Covid19 pandamic. We connected the shop with real time stock and shipping information from the suppliers and couriers.

Alt text



In a world where Social Media was becoming more important than ever, the local broadcasting company asked us to build a tool that helped them distribute their news over various locations. Newsroom became the center of their organisation containing the news items and all the productional information for everything they produced.

Newsroom Mockup

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Our main developer Thomas has worked as a developer for multiple agencies before starting DotInk.

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